Customer Testimonials


Best transmission shop to go to. Larry’s Transmissions portland fixed my car right and in a timely manner. Their customer service was the best and the workers their were very nice.
Angel Ellwood

I took in my 77 gmc sierra with a leaky transmission that barely worked. What I thought would take a week of work only took one day. Well priced and extremely friendly and honest!

I had problems with the transmission on my Honda Civic to the point where it was barely drivable and needed repairs quickly. I’m new to the area so turned to the internet to locate a shop and found Larry and Sons. I spoke with the owner, Tim, who offered to drive me home after I dropped off my car at his shop, very helpful as I had no other way to get home at the time. He called me first thing the next morning and told me the repair was minor and would only cost $100 or so. The repair was done in only a couple hours and Tim actually picked me and took me to his shop to pick up the car. First time customer and the owner went way out of his way to help me, gave me a fair estimate and repair where many shops would have charged thousands to pop in a new transmission. I highly recommend this shop, far and above the best experience I’ve had with any vehicle repairs.‎

I want to thank Tim (the new owner) and his crew for fixing our funeral hearse, being honest about the repairs, and saving us a lot of money. Although they had our permission for a total rebuild, they were able to adjust and replace only the parts that were bad, thereby saving us thousands. Keep up the good work and thanks for living up to the standards set by Larry many years ago.‎.‎

Tim with Larry’s Transmissions saved my life and job, for me. When my transmission went out, they were the only ones in this town that would help me and let me pay them a little each payday.‎.‎

This shop is fantastic and has an all around great staff.

I have 2 Corvettes, a Camaro, a Chev 4×4 and a company van. He’s worked on and maintained all of them and I wouldn’t take them anywhere else for trans service.‎.‎

Great service, fast and would not sell something I did not need.‎.‎

Instead of rebuilding everything, his technician was able to replace and adjust only those parts that needed attention. The end result is a vehicle that drives as good as new for much less money than expected.‎.‎