3 Important Engine Belt Services

Engine belt service and maintenance matters!


Engine belt service is a routine part of a complete car care package. Just like the oil, brakes and other components in your car, engine belts will wear down over time and must be repaired or replaced from time to time.

Larry’s Transmission has certified professionals for engine belt services Portland drivers can trust. Check out these tips to ensure that your belts are in good working order.

Why are engine belt services important?

Just about every car has an accessory belt. Among other things, this belt powers the air conditioning, water pump and power steering. If this belt fails, so will the components attached to the belt.

There are also timing belts in some engines. These belts must be finely tuned to ensure the peak performance of your vehicle.

What engine belt services do I need?

Engine belt inspections
It is a good idea to have your belts checked during each oil change. If you know enough about engines to check the belts on your own, be sure to give them a look at home every few months. Without proper training, however, it is best to let an engine belt service professional tighten or replace a faulty belt.

Engine belt tightening
A belt may come loose over time. If the belt does not have any serious damage, it is possible to tighten the belt on the loop and keep using that particular belt.

Engine belt replacement
If the belt is showing fissures or other damage, the best answer is to replace it. Otherwise, the belt could snap while you are on the road.

When do I know if I need engine belt services?

If you hear a loud whining from under the hood, a loose belt may be the cause of the whine. If you hear a loud snap and then notice the AC, power steering or other system shut down, but the engine keeps running, pull over and turn off the engine.

Driving with a snapped belt is not safe, so be sure to schedule a visit with a trusted engine belt service professional right away.

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