Should an Expert Replace the Clutch?

A look at why professional clutch replacement is smart

Replace the clutch on your own, and you may end up with a problem. As with just about every other type of auto service, an expert can make a huge difference.

Larry’s Transmission can replace the clutch in Portland on just about any make or model. Check out the benefits of paying a pro for the work!

What does it mean to replace the clutch?

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch is a major component. You will need the clutch to shift gears, and a faulty clutch can cause a lot of problems, such as:

  • Car will not shift in or out of gear
  • Car will get stuck in a certain gear
  • Car will not start

Once a clutch is no longer responsive to driver input, it is most likely time to put a new one in place. While it is possible to do this work as an amateur, a professional is more likely to get the job done right. Failure to put all of the components back together correctly can cause a serious clutch failure, which can lead to an accident.

What about the cost to replace the clutch?

Your clutch replacement cost will depend on what you drive. If you put a new clutch in a small economy car, for example, then your cost will be low. However, a clutch replacement for a work truck or racing vehicle will be a bit pricier. The cost of paying a transmission tech is worth it, because their experience means the replacement will be done without wasting time or damaging the transmission.

Speak to your clutch replacement professional about related services. You may want to get a full transmission inspection or service at the same time. This can ensure the performance of your entire transmission, not just the clutch.

What are the signs that it is time to replace the clutch?

  • If the clutch sticks or slips
  • If engaging the clutch causes a jerking motion
  • If pressing the clutch requires extra force (this may cause a crunching noise)

It is a good idea to go to your transmission experts for routine inspections. These signs of a problem often mean a service is required soon. However, inspections might catch a problem in the shop. This is much better than running into clutch problems when you are on the road.

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