Is your car ready for winter?

The freezing weather is starting, so get your car ready for winter

get your car ready for winter

Getting your car ready for winter means taking some specific steps here in the Pacific Northwest. If you are not familiar with these steps, be sure to set up an appointment at Larry’s Transmission to get your car ready for winter.

How important is it to get my car ready for winter?

Failure to plan ahead for the cold months can cause failure to several systems in your vehicle. The major issue is overnight planning, since leaving a car out in the cold can make it a lot harder to start the next time you drive.

Freezing temperatures also make road conditions much less safe than usual. Visibility, traction and exhaust systems may not perform in a safe way without preparation.

When is it too late to get my car ready for winter?

The sooner you take steps to deal with the cold, the better. There is no exact cut off date for when you should have your car prepared, but if your vehicle is not ready by January, you open yourself to a lot more risk on the road.

What sort of steps should I take to get my car ready for winter?

Antifreeze in the radiator is essential.

As most Pacific Northwest drivers know, a mix of water and antifreeze is just part of life when you drive in winter. The old standby of 50/50 water and antifreeze is not always accurate these days. Check this guide when choosing the right antifreeze for your vehicle.

Get a tune up, especially to check the battery.

Electrical systems can freeze if they are in bad shape once the frost settles in. It is smart to have your battery and electrical systems checked out as winter arrives, and it is also a good time to check the brakes, transmission and power steering.

Always check that your exhaust pipe is clear.

Any time it snows, be sure that exhaust can still blow out of the muffler. There are only a few snow days in the Portland area, but failure to clear the pipe can cause major problems with your exhaust system.

Keep snow chains or tires on hand.

Studded tires should only be put on if you really need them, since they are expensive and usually cost money to get put on or taken off at a professional garage. However, any time you plan to drive over the mountains or anywhere else with guaranteed ice and snow, special tires or chains could save you from a nasty wreck.

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