Transmission Maintenance Tips Drivers Need to Know

How transmission maintenance can save you money

Transmission maintenance in Portland, Portland OR transmission service

Transmission maintenance can get forgotten by some drivers. However, it is a good idea to make sure you go in for a routine transmission inspection.

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What is transmission maintenance?

Just like most auto maintenance, this refers to ongoing care of your transmission. If you wait until you are not able to shift in and out of gear, you will have to pay for transmission repairs or replacement.

Is transmission maintenance expensive?

Consider the cost of a transmission flush. It is a lot lower than the cost of going without changing the fluid in your transmission for tens of thousands of miles past the recommended fluid use.

An inspection may reveal that your gear box in an automatic transmission is starting to wear down. Your transmission specialist might discover an unexpected issue with your clutch in a manual transmission. Either way, it is better to deal with a minor issue before it becomes a major problem.

What are the signs that I need transmission maintenance?

For the most part, a sign of a problem means you need a repair. Rather than rely on signs of a problem, you should plan to have transmission inspections between every 30,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on your driving habits.

How do I establish a transmission maintenance schedule?

Talk to your transmission tech when you visit. They can help you get on a schedule that keeps your transmission in great working order.

Be sure that you plan for specific maintenance concerns for your make, model and year of vehicle. There is a lot of general advice when it comes to transmission services. The best thing to do is ask an expert for specific milestones when you create your maintenance plan.

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