4 Clutch and Transmission Safety Tips

Money is saved and accidents are avoided when drivers follow transmission safety tips from the pros!

The control and excitement of driving a manual transmission is why stick shifts are so popular. However, there are added maintenance and repair issues, and this puts the responsibility on drivers to preserve their transmission and avoid catastrophic transmission failure when they are on the road.

Follow these four simple pieces of advice to stay safe on the road and prolong the life of your transmission.

Transmission Safety Means Smart Braking

When stopped on a hill, many people use their clutch as a brake. This common mistake can put undue strain on your clutch and isn’t a reliable way to keep your car from sliding backward. When on an incline, always apply the brakes to take the pressure off the clutch.

Riding the Clutch Can Affect Transmission Safety and Lifespan

One common problem that many manual transmission drivers get in the bad habit of doing is riding the clutch. Any time the clutch is in between the fully up and fully down positions it is being rode and therefore enduring wear and tear that’s not necessary.

These habits develop over time. Try to make a conscious effort to execute swift, smooth gear changes. If you can determine the exact point the clutch starts to engage as you lift the pedal up, it will allow you to shift gears smoothly and dramatically reduce the wear on the clutch.

Look, Listen and Smell for the Best Transmission Safety Awareness

Your nose and your ears can tell you a lot about the state of your transmission whether you drive an automatic or stick. If you think you are having problems, first smell for a burning odor. That odor could be transmission fluid starting to burn because the transmission is overheating. Get your transmission fluid changed regularly to avoid this problem.

Your ears can also help determine if there is a problem with your transmission. If the transmission is making a racket while in neutral, it might mean that there are parts wearing down and it is time for an inspection.

Transmission Leaks are a Warning Sign

It it can be tough to identify whether it is your car that has sprung a leak if you see fluid on the ground. Once you determine that it is your vehicle, you may not know what to do.

Any time you see, smell or hear a possible transmission issue, get in touch with certified transmission safety experts to prevent a small issue from becoming a huge repair.

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