3 Transmission Services That Mean Savings

Transmission services as a part of routine maintenance is a great way to avoid costly transmission replacement

Transmission services and repairs mean savings

Transmission services and upgrades are helpful for any vehicle. If you do not give your transmission some regular attention, there is a good chance it will break down in full over time.

The transmission services experts at Larry’s Transmission can help you understand the cost effectiveness of routine work. Read on to learn more about how to save money on your transmission costs over the years.

Clutch work is an essential transmission service for stick shifts

Most drivers will not think about their clutch until it wears out, which can take up to 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturer of the clutch, your driving habits and other factors. However, if you get your clutch inspected at least once per year, you may end up saving money.

A damaged pressure plate, flywheel or clutch disc might be the problem. If it is just one component giving your shifting pattern some grief, then it makes sense to only replace that one component.

Valves and seals matter for transmission services

If you see a leak coming from under your car, you might panic a bit. It is often harmless, but if you suspect that your transmission is leaking fluid, that is a legitimate cause for concern.

For one thing, it means your transmission might not be getting the lubrication it needs in order to safely operate. For another thing, it turns your car into a rolling safety hazard, since animals and/or kids might play in the fluid and end up very sick.

Make sure to have an expert inspect your transmission for leaks, and repair any leaks right away.

Transmission services for fluids

There are a lot of opinions in the auto industry about flushing a transmission. For the most part, the best choice is a fluid exchange, which is sort of like an oil change for your transmission.

Automatic transmissions will get a new pan gasket and filter, followed by a leak check and test drive. Manual transmissions rarely need a full flush. If the fluid is very old, then it can be drained and replaced, so be sure to ask the next time you have your clutch serviced.

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