Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair & Service in Portland, Oregon

Do You Have Transmission & Clutch Repair Concerns?

A normal car clutch in an automatic transmission vehicle lasts around 50,000 miles. Clutches in manual transmission vehicles tend to last longer and may last for 100,000 miles. The actual life of the clutch however depends on usage. Careful handling extends the clutch’s life, whereas rough usage could end the clutch’s life at around 35,000 miles. Frequent use of the clutch owing to rash driving, bad roads and through areas of high traffic tend to wear away the clutch faster.

The following are the most common clutch problems and their symptoms:

  • “Sticking” or failure of the clutch to release properly when pressed causes grinding, and prevents the car from going into gear smoothly.
  • A “hard” clutch or the need to use excessive force to press the clutch results in a crunching noise.
  • “Slipping” Clutch or the clutch continuing to hold even when released increases the load on the engine and contributes to decreased fuel efficiency.
  • “Chattering” or a jerking condition when engaging the clutch leads to a rough ride.
    Manifestation of the above-mentioned symptoms might necessitate clutch repair or clutch replacement. If you have detected any concerns with your clutch or transmission.

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