Diesel Transmission Upgrades “Home of the Supertranny”

Diesel Power

Does your diesel truck not have the towing power you need?
Do you want to upgrade?

Larry’s Transmission can upgrade your transmission for you!

We can rebuild your transmission with upgraded parts that will add power and performance to your vehicle. We see a lot of Dodge, Ford and Chevy vehicles in our shop and are always happy to help our clients get the most from their truck.
Our performance transmissions are built with only the highest quality parts, both internal and external. We have re-designed and modified sections of these transmissions to accommodate the power that they produce. Some components that separate diesel transmission from the rest are;

  • Alto high energy clutches
  • Performance valve body
  • VB install kit- include a voltage regulator and HD band strutt
  • TP’s noise filter
  • Custom tailored clutch packs
  • New band
  • Billet 3rd gear piston and custom pressure plate
  • Billet servo
  • Custom servo spring
  • Billet accumulator piston
  • New OE electronics
  • New custom designed CNC billet converter

At Larry’s Transmission we believe that quality comes first and that is why special care is taken with parts design and precision assembly. DTT parts are designed by actual transmission builders that understand the function of the parts and how best to improve the system.
We stand behind our work, which is why our diesel torque converter system comes with a three year or 50,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first).
We also offer special packages of valve body and torque converter’s for your diesel if you have upgraded or increased your vehicles horse power. Other add-ons available for purchase are;

  • Billet input shafts
  • Billet output shafts
  • Billet flexplates
  • Billet drums