Our Portland Transmission Repair Process

Rule number one: you can’t diagnose a vehicle over the phone!

Repair service

When your transmission goes out, it is rarely a planned for event so many people in that situation immediately begin price shopping as is to be expected. Our competitors will often give you a quick quote, get your car in, get it up in the air and then the customer sees the price go from $1,800 to $2,800. We refuse to let that happen, how do we stop it?

We treat our customers right by offering a 100% FREE AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSIS for any issues that could possibly be transmission related.

To get an accurate quote, the vehicle needs to be diagnosed, which we can’t do over the phone. With that in mind, step one is to set an appointment for a free automotive diagnosis. Believe it or not, 23% of the people whose vehicle we diagnosed in 2009, did not need a major transmission overhaul. Take a look here to see what other issues could be causing your problem (ATRA Sheet).

1. Set an appointment
2. Diagnose the vehicle; determine the problem
3. Remove and inspect transmission if needed
4. Call with final price
5. Rebuild transmission
6. Final test drive
7. Return Vehicle

You can call a competitor and get a quote over the phone, but you won’t know what you’re getting or whether they are quoting you for the actual repair needed. Often quotes are given for repairs that don’t include ‘hard parts’ or gear damage – and the actual cost increases substantially halfway through the job. Avoid that by calling us now and setting an appointment for our free automotive diagnosis.