Winter Engine Fluids Safety Guide

Engine fluids must be taken care of as winter arrives


Engine fluids are required to keep your car in motion. If your fluids are not taken care of, your car will struggle in cold weather.

Larry’s Transmission provides Portland with expert engine fluids safety services. Here are some things to remember as December comes on strong!

What exactly are engine fluids, and why do they matter?

Oil and gasoline
The most well-known engine fluids affect just about every function of your car. Gas gets less expensive in winter, so try to always have at least half a tank. Better to spend an extra $10 or $20 at the pump than to get stranded in the cold with no gas.

Getting winter-rated oil is very important in the Pacific Northwest.¬†Ask your auto technician about oil rated for winter use (any oil with “W” after the number).

The name of this very useful product says it all. You can prevent freezing by adding it to your radiator as the temperatures drop.

Transmission fluid
If you are due for a transmission fluid or filter exchange any time in the coming months, do not delay. It should be changed every 30,000 miles or so, and fresh fluid means higher performance all winter long.

Brake fluid
Freezing brakes are no good. Make sure to get your brakes checked as winter arrives, and ask about having them bled and new fluid deposited into your engine before taking a long trip out of state for the holidays.

Power steering fluid
This does not need to be changed often, but after the first 60,000 miles on a car, the original fluid is not safe. Get it checked and changed if needed now, rather than in the middle of a chilly January.

How much will it cost to prepare my engine fluids for winter?

This depends on how much maintenance you require. Oil and antifreeze should be part of your regular auto maintenance checklist each November or December, and both are easily managed for under $100.

New fluids for each engine component will be spendier, but very worth the costs if you have not had any fluid work done in several months.

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